5 reasons why regular carpet cleaning can save your facility money

You may not view regular carpet cleaning as a necessary expense, but neglecting routine upkeep can reduce a carpet’s life-span from 10 years to just two to three.

Here are 5 reasons why regular carpet cleaning is a smart way to save money:

  1. Regularly removing spots and stains will prevent carpet fiber damage. This damage can reduce your carpet’s life-span in high traffic areas by four to five years.
  2. Regular carpet cleaning can help protect indoor air quality. Carpets naturally hold dust, dirt, and allergens, which are kicked up into the air. Removing this debris regularly greatly improves the quality of air, which in turn can reduce the number of sick days for employees.
  3. Regular carpet cleaning reduces wear in high traffic areas. Regular cleaning reinvigorates carpet fibers, which extends the overall life of the carpet.
  4. Regularly cleaning carpets improves your image. Regular cleaning restores carpet vibrance, color, and texture and helps provide a consistent appearance throughout your facility. This inexpensive image improvement can translate into improved client retention rate.
  5. Commercial carpets are easier and cheaper to maintain when regularly cleaned. Regular cleaning prevents stains and daily wear and tear from accumulating and becoming more difficult to remove, thereby requiring more man-power and money to clean.

Clean carpets give visitors and employees an overall positive impression of your facility, helping improve business and your bottom line.

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