How cleaner vents save you money

Vents and other small household items are often overlooked, but they can get dirty. Really dirty. Did you know that cleaner vents and appliances can actually save you money? Take care of a few dusty tasks to start saving money now.

Dusty, dirty vents, appliances and lights make your business and home look neglected and cost you money. Take time to regularly dust and clean them to keep your facility looking and running great.


Electronic appliances and fans need air to cool and run smoothly. Dust clogs the air intake vents and settles on electronic parts, causing them to run less efficiently and, eventually, stopping them from working altogether. Take time to regularly dust appliances and fans.


Dust settling on air vents is a small picture of a potentially larger problem with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Dust accumulation on vents can prevent your HVAC from running 100% and can even contribute to system burnout. Prevent this by clearing your vents of dust and routinely changing any air filters behind them.


Keeping your bulbs and fixtures clear of dust can increase light output without increasing your electricity bill. Wipe off bulbs regularly with a dry soft cloth to avoid damaging the fragile glass. Clean your fixtures with soap and water and dust can light canisters with a simple house duster.

These simple fixes can save you money in the long run. In no time, you’ll have a cleaner, more efficient facility.

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