3 tips to increase productivity

Are you an organizational ninja? Or are you clueless when it comes to trying to navigate your own clutter? Organization comes naturally to some, but not so much to others. Lack of organization can be especially frustrating when a team member is struggling with keeping productive and on task. If you or a coworker doesn’t have the natural talent for whipping your home or office into shape and keeping it that way, here are some tips based on David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done.

First, collect everything cluttered in your head into a workable space.

For the intangible to-do’s–projects, ideas, and concerns floating around in your mind: write them down. Once they are written down, they have officially been “collected” and can be dealt with systematically.

Second, process and organize what you’ve collected.

Ask yourself, can I act on this? If yes, do it, delegate it, defer it, or drop it. Prioritize items into lists (errands, calls, emails to send, etc.) and give each item a deadline to accomplish or drop it altogether.

Third and finally, plan and do.

Review your lists often, do a weekly review to clear or reassess and start doing what you’ve planned.

David Allen’s system can be easily applied to tangible organization as well:

  1. Collect all tangible items.
  2. File items into boxes: necessary, adornment, unusable.
  3. Keep necessaries within easy access, decorate your space with the adornments and trash the unusables.

Perform regular reviews of items and reorganize as necessary.

Following these simple steps will increase productivity and decrease frustration as each team member gets and stays organized.

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