Cleanliness is next to…business?

Let’s face it, a clean and tidy room is not just what your mother asked from you, it’s what your clients expect too. A clean facility shows organization and attention to detail, which is what your clients want. It gives that crucial first impression that can be the difference between increased profitability or lost opportunity. Here are 5 quick and easy tips that you and your staff can implement today, while your business is open, to establish a competitive first impression.

1. Just do it. Now.

We’ve all put off the labor-intensive oven or bathroom cleaning for another day. Spot cleaning, though, is not like deep-cleaning an oven. Once you get going, you’ll realize that spot cleaning doesn’t take more than a few easy minutes a day. Keep a fresh rag, some disinfectant and window cleaner on hand for quick clean up.

2. Start with key places.

What are the first places your clients see and use? Windows, counter, floor, lobby, restrooms. First impressions are hard to remake. Take time to spot clean these places first before another potential client walks through your door. Remember to use window cleaner and a fresh rag for glass, as disinfectant and other cleaners can leave a cloudy residue.

3. Tidy up.

Desks are another key first impression area–the reception desk when someone first walks in, an office desk where you meet with your client for the first time. Move papers from high visibility areas to filing cabinets. Tidy loose paper stacks on your desk into neat piles. Show your client that you pay attention to the details.

4. Wipe down high touch areas.

Fingerprints on the counters, grime on the lobby chairs, sticky door handles and dirty faucets. Touching an unknown, sticky substance is a major turn-off. Keep that from happening by quickly wiping down high touch areas with a disinfectant.

5. Spot clean floors

Your clients know that floors bring dirt, but make your business stand out by sweeping up dirt clods, debris and other dirty areas on the floor. Let your clients be impressed by your facility, not distracted by the garbage on the floor.

Following these 5 spot cleaning tips can save you time and lost business. Be sure to also team up with a cleaning company that can deep clean after hours, allowing you to simply keep clean during your busy work day. Check out 5 things to look for in a commercial cleaning company to help you simplify your search.

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