How clean is your restroom?

Looking clean doesn’t mean being clean. This is especially true in your restrooms, where you can find e. coli, streptococcus and salmonella lurking. These bacteria can cause many illnesses from the more common strep throat and stomach flu to the horrifying necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease). Forgetting to disinfect your restroom once may not mean you’ll get sick, but if left unchecked, these bacteria can multiply and greatly increase your chances of getting sick or making others sick. Follow these tips to ensure your restrooms don’t become breading grounds for disease:

Don’t just clean, disinfect. Wiping alone won’t kill germs; you need the right disinfectant for the job. Find a disinfectant that claims to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. To kill germs, leave the disinfectant on for the manufacturer’s recommended amount of time.

Avoid cross-contamination. Use separate towels for separate tasks. Cleaning the toilet and then the sink with the same towel can cross-contaminate, even when using a disinfectant. Use color-coded towels or disposable towels for easy identification.

Clean often. Bacteria need much less than a day to accumulate to concerning levels. The more use your facility gets, the more often you want to clean to stay ahead of accumulation.

Don’t forget the floors and walls. Flushing a toilet sprays small amounts of toilet content onto the walls and floors. Clean floors and walls often to avoid spreading toilet spray.

Encourage all visitors and employees to wash their hands properly. Despite your best cleaning efforts, some bacteria will survive. To avoid spreading this bacteria to common contamination zones–food, faces and handshakes–put up signs and hold trainings to encourage visitors and employees to always wash their hands after using the restroom.

Cleaning your restrooms properly can be a dirty job. Find the right cleaning company to do it for you. Look for a company that will follow the above steps to ensure your restrooms not only look clean, but are clean.

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