“Have a complaint? Drop it in the box…”

We’ve all seen the dusty box in the corner labeled “suggestions” or “complaints.” We wonder if anyone ever checks those boxes, or if their only purpose is to provide a foundation for that lonely old cobweb. Unfortunately, when it comes to your cleaning company, sometimes it can feel that your concerns are being put in a box, never to be looked at again. That doesn’t have to happen. Here are a few talking tips to ensure your cleaning company promptly responds to and acts on your concerns.

Give prompt feedback. Negative feedback tends to fill comment cards, but if your cleaning company is doing a great job, tell them and be specific. Let them know you appreciate that the toilets look spotless every morning. Encouragement can help motivate a cleaning technician to keep doing a great job. But if a problem does arise, don’t hesitate to give appropriate feedback. Again, be specific. Did a trash bin get overlooked? Giving prompt feedback helps supervisors get at an issue while its fresh, and so avoid potential problems later on.

Contact the supervisor directly. The supervisor is trained to communicate with the client and the cleaning technician. Talking directly with a supervisor can eliminate potential miscommunication and can keep then cleaning company informed of any problems or patterns to be addressed with the technician. The supervisor should be in regular contact with you and should respond promptly to your email, text, or phone call.

Communicate to the point and expect follow-up. Don’t be afraid to talk frankly, but professionally with the supervisor. Is the technician not cleaning items agreed upon in your contract? Do you have a concern about a cleaning technician’s behavior? Be specific. The supervisor should follow-up with you on how your concerns were addressed.

If, however, you find communication and follow-up lacking, it may be time to find a new cleaning company. See 5 things to look for in a commercial cleaning company to help with that search.

A good cleaning company will address concerns before they reach your door. However, should you need to voice a concern, these tips can better help you get those concerns addressed.

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