Transform your lobby from Shaggy Rogers to James Bond

When you see the suave and polished James Bond, you think professional, capable, deadly. Contrast that with Shaggy Roger’s appearance from Scooby-Doo. What do you think of? Slouchy and goof-off come to mind. Now consider your lobby. Your lobby is the first thing potential clients see when they walk through your doors. What do they see? Does your lobby give the right impression? Here are a few points to help your lobby go from the slouchy Shaggy to the capable and professional James Bond look.

Keep a tidy and well-kept appearance by making sure there is no garbage or dirt clods on the floor.

Show you are organized by keeping your chairs and tables straight.

Keep your lobby looking professional by making sure there are no sticky messes on the furniture.

Send the message that you are up to date by keeping your magazines and newspapers fresh and updated.

Give the appearance of a thriving business by making sure your plants look alive and well.

Show that you are focused and to the point by keeping lobby signage to a minimum and focused on only a few important messages.

Show your clients that you are bold, but classy with harmonious and pleasing color schemes.

Make your lobby reflect your business practices by keeping it clean, focused, and consistent. Show your clients that you mean business.

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