What can KBS do for you?

Ketchum Building Services offers all you need for keeping your facility clean and looking great. The success of your business is our top priority. We offer a number of services to ensure your business stays looking its best.

Janitorial: dusting, vacuuming, mopping, changing liners and dispensers, sanitizing and disinfecting, deep cleaning and construction clean-up. From mirrors, toilets, desks, counters, sinks, floors, to windows and glass, we can custom-make a cleaning schedule to fit your needs and budget.

External window cleaning: from the tough hard water deposits to routine cleaning of dirt and grime, we take care of your windows as often as you need.

Hard floors: stripping, waxing, grout cleaning, conditioning, and polishing. We will deep clean hard floors to keep stains and dirt from accumulating and keep your floors looking new.

Upholstery and carpet cleaning: we use hot water extraction to remove stains and perform routine upkeep. Our techniques ensure quick drying times and an excellent finished look.

KBS can make your facility look its best with routine upkeep as well as cleaning on an as-needed basis. Call us today for a free quote: 801.472.5597 or click for a free quote.

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