How to steam clean carpets the easy way

Cleaning carpets may seem like an exhausting task, but ignoring it can greatly decrease the life of your carpets, which can cost you down the road. Here are a few tips from the pros to make carpet cleaning easier:

Preparation is key. Move furniture, pick objects off the floor, dust if needed to prevent debris from falling on wet carpet, vacuum to prevent further soiling when cleaning, send kids and pets to friends houses to prevent stains and mud from accumulating on wet carpet (cleaning carpets might just be a great excuse for a date night or a night to relax!). Preparation makes for faster and easier cleaning.

Use the resources available to you. Choose the resources that can make cleaning and clean-up fast and easy. Invest in furniture leg covers, shoe covers and machine rentals. For covers, you can easily rubber band or tie plastic bags around your shoes and furniture legs. Covers prevent dirt from getting on wet carpets as well as protect furniture wood and paint from staining the carpet. Renting a bigger machine that can do the entire job without a refill or one that provides better attachments can make your life easier. It can be better to pay a little extra for convenience then go cheap and make things harder on yourself. You don’t need to break your budget; you can make life easier with just a few extra bucks.

  • Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. If you take care of your carpets throughout the year, you won’t need to clean as often to keep your carpets looking great. You could use the extra money to get a professional job with little inconvenience to you. Contact Ketchum Building Services for a free quote.

Choose the method you want to use. Most cleaning systems are steam cleaners, which use hot water mixed with cleaning product. Some use dry cleaning chemicals that sit on the carpet and are then buffed and vacuumed with specialized vacuums. Dry cleaning works and cuts down on drying time, but can be more expensive than traditional steam cleaning. As steam cleaning is the cheapest and most common method, we’ll focus on these cleaning techniques.

Test an inconspicuous spot of carpet if using a new cleaning product. This will ensure the new product doesn’t ruin your carpet. Scrub a small spot with product and let the spot sit for an hour or so. Blot with a clean white cloth. If there are no color bleeds on the white cloth or bleaching on the carpet you should be ready to clean.

For steam cleaning: instructions for machine and product use vary depending on type of machine and product manufacturer instructions. However, the technique is similar for most steam cleaning machines. After setting up the machine and solution according to manufacturer instructions, spray one area at a time and clean from the far end of the room to the door to provide yourself an easy exit without having to walk on wet carpet.

  • Spray an ample amount of solution on the immediate area. You want it wet, but spraying an area only a few seconds will suffice.
  • With a brush attachment and after spraying, agitate or lightly scrub heavily soiled areas.
  • Slowly vacuum with the machine to pick up as much solution as possible. Vacuuming up solution will cut down drying time, prevent excess solution from making the carpet fibers hard, and help prevent mold from forming under the carpet.

Ventilate. Use fans and open windows to keep the area ventilated and help the carpets to dry quickly. Make sure no one walks on the carpet with shoes or anything that has touched the ground outside. Walking outside then on the wet carpet will cause dirt to become trapped in the newly cleaned carpet.

Remember, if the job seems too daunting, you might be making it harder on yourself than you need too. Hire a professional cleaner or invest in the right tools to help make things easier on yourself.

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